Arts Night MYP/DP Performance

Welcome to Arts Night 2019!?

Performance Etiquette

  • Our concert is being recorded?
  • Please use silent mode on portable devices?
  • Please wait until an item has finished before entering or exiting the theatre?
  • Please help younger children enjoy the show by showing them how to sit quietly in their seat and concentrating on what is happening on stage
  • ?Please do not bring any food or drinks into the theatre

Opening Speech:? Addie Loy - IB Director

Concert Band?

“Variations on a Korean Folk Song”

Lisa?– Grade 8?

“Suburbia”?by Troye Sivan?


Amy?– Grade 6?

“刀剑如梦” -?Pipa??

Melody?& Melony?– Grade 5 & Grade 9?

“What’s up?” by 4 Non-Blondes??

Jasmine?– Grade 6?

“Mozart C major 1st movement”?

Callie?& Marvin – Grade 6?

“All of Me” by John Legend?

Chinese Ensemble??



ISNS Spirit wear and Arts Week Pins for sale outside of the auditorium


Rise?From?The Ashes – Stage Band?

“So Far Away” by Martin Garrix?

“Knock on Wood” by?Eddie Floyd?

Sara Yang?– Grade 9?

“Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2” by Chopin?

Catherine?&?Angela?– Grade 7 & Grade 10?

“Liz and the Blue Bird (3rd Movement- Decision of Love)” by?Akito?Matsuda?

Vicky?– Grade 8?

“Nanshan Nan”?

Senior Choir??

“Aya?Ngena”?Trad Zulu Folk Song,?Arr. Ruth Morris Gray?

“A Million Dreams” by?Benj?Pasek & Justin Paul,?Arr?Mac Huff?


Faculty Dance Crew??

“I’m an?Albatraoz”??

Senior Dance??

“A Tribute to Disney”?

Closing Remarks: David Swanson - Head of School

Thank you!?

Head of School?– David Swanson

Primary Years Principals?– Gina Awalt & Wayne Russell

Middle School/High School Principal?- Patrick Boekhoud

IB Director -? Addie Loy

All Arts & Design Activities Staff

Arts and Design department for planning Arts Week and making it awesome!

Tech Staff: IT Staff,?Angela & Kiara (students)


Marketing:?Polina Ben-Sira + Ron Mona

MC’s:?Abby, Jinseo, David, & Sharon

Performing Arts Leaders:?Miranda Godkin, Inge Schlüer, Liezl Boyd, Ernie Boyd,??Stephania Chola,?Sarah Wenn, Elizabeth Godfrey, Addie Loy,?Ada Deng and Sara Shi

All ISNS Staff for your Support

All performers All volunteers