Grade 9 Experience the Culture & Nature of Thailand

Day 5- Cooking Thai Food

Today was the last full day in Chiang Mai. After finishing breakfast the team headed to the cooking school and along the way stopped at a market to become more acquainted with the local ingredients. They saw different tofu, noodles, and curries as well different seasonings. From there they chose the dish they were going to cook. The food was delicious, but for some, it was an experience that helped to hone their taste preferences. Throughout the process, the students learned the work it takes to make great food.?

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?Q: Do ISNS use a specific set of mandarin textbook?

A: We do not use the textbooks that public schools using. We conduct our own mandarin curriculum under the instruction of IB request.

Thai food was really delicious, even though cooking made us sweat, but it was still fun.

ISNS G9. Student

After they completed their culinary lesson and enjoying the fruits of their labor, the team headed back to the hotel for some last minute rest and relaxation by the pool before coming back home. The team also visited the night market one last time to pick up some souvenirs to bring home for friends and family.?

Day 4- Hiking the Jungle

Today's challenge was hiking. Students started their morning around 7AM getting prepped and having breakfast. The team gathered for their brief on what would be ahead for them. From there, our team got into the vans and headed to the location they would be hiking. As they set out, some took the activity by charge and were able to get to their destination faster, while others found it quite challenging. For those that found it challenging, they used strategies that kept them moving in order to maintain their momentum as resting would slow down the will to continue. Step by step each team member made their way to the village, which was their end goal. Along the way, some of our students were able to help our teachers in encouraging them to continue as well as helping to share their snacks too.?Once the whole team reached the village, they took time to relax, and enjoy what the village had to offer and then got into the vans again to head back. Upon returning to their hotel, the students took the time for a nice shower and a great meal.

I overcame my challenge by focusing ahead and to keep moving.

ISNS G9 student

While most of the team were on the hiking trail, a couple of students that had injuries that kept them from hiking, took on another challenge and that was heading to the mall to interact with the local people with the hopes of better understanding the Thai culture. After their tour, they gathered their information to present to the group.?

Day 3- Meeting the Elephants

Today the group visited the Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park. The park is an elephant sanctuary that was created to help elephants rehabilitate from abusive pasts. Our students were able to get up close with these friendly giants. From interacting to feeding them, our students received a greater appreciation for these gentle creatures. They were also able to experience them out in their natural habitat in the open grasslands where they played and fed the elephants a bit more. Many were hesitant and a bit fearful, but as time wore on they grew more comfortable with them and enjoyed the remaining time with the elephants.?

After, the students had a friendly swim competition between their teacher and them to decide on whether they would be able to visit?7-eleven later that day. From there the group went on to have dinner and then experienced the night market. There were many products and trinkets for sale and the challenge our students faced was deciding which one to purchase. All in all, a great day.

Day 2 - Kayaking the Ping river

Day started with a hearty breakfast to prepare them for day ahead. Today our group was engaging in an endurance activity that would take them to the Ping River. Today, they took on the challenge of kayaking. Our students received safety instructions and gear and then were encouraged to choose a raft and start their kayaking journey. Some of the students took the opportunity to familiarize themselves more with their guides and found that like them, many had their own unique story and background.?

We learned a great lesson today: gaining greater confidence in our physical abilities.

ISNS G9 student

Our students kayaked for 16km on the river with only?one break, which translated into about a three to four task. For many, this was their first time kayaking, but the scenery and company made the task quite enjoyable. After their long journey, the team retired to an hour ride back to the hotel to enjoy a much-anticipated dinner. After, showers and relaxation, our student took the time to reflect upon the day's activities and prepare the next day.

Day 1- Traveling to Thailand

Grade 9 students arrived at school and spent their first period preparing for the trip and ensuring all was set to go. At 10:15 AM they all gathered to the buses to make the 2-hour bus ride to Guangzhou where they would have a direct flight to Chiang Mai. The students arrived safely in Thailand and then met their ground team at the airport. They checked into their accommodations and were in bed, getting ready for the next day's activities.?